Filters & filter-dryers

There are several possible configurations with two or three blades and design conceived in order to optimize the mixing of the product and the discharge of the dried product.

  • electric or hydraulic motors
  • agitator heated or unheated
  • Speed adjustable using frequency converters with electric drives or control
  • Four movement possibilities: clockwise and counterclockwise rotation as well as raising and lowering
  • Vertical scrapers installed at the ends of the agitator arms to prevent product adherence to the vessel wall, avoiding local overheating of the product
  • The version for sterile applications has welded shaft connections to provide for ease of cleaning
  • Linear stroke measurement system for vertical position indication of the agitator


There are several possible configurations of the seals.
- gland with lip seals for simple applications
- single mechanical seal/Double flushed / not flushed with bellows
(for preventing dangerous spills or emissions, contamination of the product)
- possible installation of system fault detection for the mechanical seal and the bellows

Mechanical seal and metal bellows: the double mechanical seal is installed on the dished top head, above the area wetted by the product and is well accessible for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Dry or wet running mechanical seals may be installed. The agitator shaft is sealed by a metal bellows over its full length.

Advantages of mechanical seal and metal bellows:
- Better final vacuum
- No hazardous leakage or emissions
- No product contamination
- Possibility of sterile operation
- Failure detection system for mechanical seal
- Failure detection system for bellows


The filter elements are defined according to the specific needs of the customer
- Cloth (cotton, polypropylene, etc.)
- Single layer metal filter mesh inserts
- Sintered plates
- Multilayer metal filter mesh, sintered

- CIP and / or SIP sterilization available
- Vapour filter, equipped with automatic filter back-cleaning system
- Sample valve
- Machine controls manual, or with PLC, PC and DCS
- Hydraulic pre-piping and electric pre-wiring of machine and hydraulic unit
- Hydraulic unit for the agitator and for auxiliary functions such as raising and lowering of base, activation of the bayonet system and so on